Monday, January 31, 2011

Revisting Eagle Creek

I've hiked Eagle Creek trail to Tunnel Falls at least a dozen times.  It's an easily accessible hike on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge and I've had many opportunities to photograph the verdant landscapes and dramatic falls along the path.  This past Sunday, I revisited Eagle Creek with a group from Portland Hiking Meetup and it was my favorite trip yet, especially for photography.  Firstly, I had my DSLR with me on this hike for the first time, so I had a better chance to get good shots, but also, the sights were stunning this time around due to the weather conditions.  Hiking Eagle Creek in Winter means the falls are flowing fully and the creek is swollen and fast.  I've hiked this in Winter before, but on those occasions it was also raining, so photographing was difficult.  No rain fell on us Sunday.  We had perfect Winter conditions for an enjoyable hike and lots of opportunities for photographs!  Here are my favorite shots from the day.  As always, you can double click on the picture to see it full-frame.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Harvesting Willapa Bay

My friend, oyster farmer, Dan Driscoll, invited me along with him and his young employee, Jordan, to harvest clams and oysters from Willapa Bay Saturday, January 15, 2011. It was a foggy morning, and the landscapes were dreamlike.  I could barely make out Long Island, and Ledbetter Point.  The markers reminded me of ghostly sentinals standing stoically in the cold waters of the bay.  Sometimes there was so little color that my shots looked monochrome, but the gray  was punctuated with bright orange activity as Jordan, in his heavy rain gear and XtraTufs, hauled in the harvest.  It was one of my first times shooting pictures in such damp and misty air, and I need more practice!  I also didn't get any pics of the oysters we picked up, because my battery was dead, and I didn't have another with me on the boat, but from the boat ride to the dinner of fresh clams and oysters, I had a wonderful time, and am happy to have captured some memories of the day.

Some boats in the Nahcotta docks.

Nahcotta docks

Molly was very curious about all the goings on.

Long Island, shrouded in fog.

One of the big houses North of Nahcotta on the Long Beach Peninsula. (b&w)

Dan and Jordan pulling up clams.

Captain Dan, looking for markers, I think.

Jordan, preparing to grab a line.


Molly seemed particularly interested when Jordan started untying the bags.

Mmmm...these are ready to be cleaned and steamed!

Just South of Oysterville, WA

Steering us closer to the lines, so Jordan could grab it with the hook.

Look at all those clams!

I wonder if they're happy.

From inside the cabin.

Seagull Convention.  (b&w)

Looking at Oysterville Sea Farms from out in Willapa Bay

This is not in black and white.

Nor this...

Oyster baskets

Little surf.

Bob, employee at Oysterville Sea Farms

Good harvest! (mist all over my lens)

Happy Dan (again, with lots of mist on the lens)

Bob, Dan and the day's harvest. 

Jordan throwing off all the ropes.

Very nice, hard-working  kid.

Cleaning up the dock.
Oysterville Sea Farms, from within Dan's house in Oysterville, WA

Out building next to Dan's house in Oysterville, WA

Japanese fisherman (?) inside Dan's house in Oysterville, WA

Some of the day's later catch:  Oysters!  Soooo good!

Chef Dan

Steamed Oysters

Steamed Oysters and "Oyster Blanc"

View of Willapa Bay out of the window of Dan's dining area

Oysterville Sea Farms from Dan's dining room window

The store

Willapa Bay after tide has gone out some.

The Oysterman enjoying a hot cup of coffee.