Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out of Hiding

In an effort to protect my privacy from someone whose intentions toward me are questionable at best, I recently took steps to make my blog much harder to find. I changed the blog URL and removed the link to it from my Blogger profile. I had another blogger remove links from his blog to mine. I even quit blogging for awhile, to stretch out the time she would be unable to search for and actually find it.  I had hoped, for her sake and my own, that she'd finally give up on following my life so closely and move on with her own. Unfortunately, I only temporarily prevented the problem. As of yesterday, my most frequent visitor ever, who I've never met or had any communication with, who has logged onto my blog regularly - indeed sometimes multiple times daily - for months on end, has now found my blog again.  She kept searching till she found it - over a month after I tried to hide it.  I apparently went through the trouble for nothing, because this woman is persistent. 

For many good reasons I won't go into here, I don't feel she will stop nosing about any time soon, so I will no longer try to hide from her. I'll just be smarter about what I post and not thoughtlessly forecast my whereabouts like I regrettably did before.  I have re-established the link to my blog on my Blogger profile and will be writing and posting pictures again.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the interesting, well-meaning photographers and writers I met through Blogger before.  I’m tired of stifling myself because this woman is so consumed with knowing what I'm doing.  If she wants to make me the focus of her energies, so be it.  I'll simply continue to take note of things that concern me, keep good records and stay on my guard.  That's the most effective thing I can do anyway, according to both the lawyer and the police officer I've spoken to about this problem.

So - that said, I’m ready to write again and it feels good!