Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oregon Is Beautiful, Pt. 2

Silver salmon are running on the Stiletz River, and this weekend the fisher folk were out looking to reel a nice dinner into their boats.  Me?  I was just happy to be out there taking it all in!

Fishing Buddies

A hard-working, dark-to-dark, fishing guide.

Silver Ripples

Fish Haven

Bench with a view.

Herring in waiting.

A very skilled catcher of fish.

Still fishing...

Diehards drifting through fog and rain.

What all the hoopla is about.


The Drift

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pleasant Sunday

Just a small update, really.  I've enjoyed just being home today.  I've done a bit of housecleaning and laundry.  I've been on and off the computer reading blogs, which I enjoy.  I've washed my dog and exercised her by using the Chuck-It to toss balls up the hill of our street for her for about 45 minutes.  She loved it and is less antsy this evening.  The kids have played well all day, and tonight I'm watching my friend Lars's three kids, so he can go on a date, so everyone's entertained.  I even let the two older girls, my Stella and Lars's Annika, take the whole crew to the park to play, which gave me a quiet house for about an hour and a half.  It's just been so pleasant.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oregon Is Beautiful

I'm still tired from my whirlwind sight-seeing and photography trip out to Northeastern Oregon over Labor Day Weekend, but I figure I'd better at least post a few of my favorite pictures from the trip up here in my online diary. It was a lovely trip with so many memorable moments and scenes. In my current state, I won't be able to give words to how wonderful it all was to me, so pictures it is. They won't say it all, but these will remind me of the bigger picture for a long time to come, and give anyone who visits the blog a chance to share in a little of the beauty of this great state. 

(Click to see larger version.  Captions to come - I'm tired!)