Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10:49 pm on Wednesday

I should be sleeping.
Instead of worrying.
Instead of longing.
Instead of wishing to simply slip over into  greener pastures
and bluer skies.

I should be resting.
Making ready for that moment things change for the better.

I should be here, now.
In this moment, I should plant myself. 
And with conviction.

Moments are passing,
which won't return.

I should be present and mindful.
Not weakened by distraction.

But I keep racing into the future.
To manicured hillsides
and unruly curls.

How will I ever get there if I'm not here first?

I should be sleeping.
I will go now, deeply.
And leave the future to my dreams.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Europe, finally!

Traveling is very important to me at this point in my life.  My kids are still somewhat young, but I'm not as young, and there are things I want to see and do while I'm still healthy and active.  I don't want to wait till they are grown, because so many things can change.  Life really is NOW. 

I've always desired to travel, of course, and I've done a little travelling, but too many years have passed without me actually going to my dream destination:  Europe.  I've longed to go and experience the sights and history there since I was a young girl, but just haven't worked it out to get there as of yet.  Spain has always held a particular appeal for me, because I am so drawn by the passion and pathos of their culture, which is so evident in their music and dance.  I've mentioned many times how I love Flamenco.  I almost went to Spain back in 1994, but I took a 3 month train trip around the United States instead.  I then planned to go to Spain in 2011, but my sales early in the year prevented that trip. 

Now, here at the start of 2012, and after finishing 2011 strongly, I'm prepared to make a trip.  But, surprisingly, not to Spain!  Quite an opposite kind of place, really (but maybe I should withold any judgement until I get there.)  I'm going to ... Switzerland!  Life is funny in that it really surprises you sometimes.  This time the surprise came through a friend I met many years ago in Homer, AK.  Sabine Schatterling and I met when she was visiting AK.  We became friends and traveled to Anchorage to see Stevie Ray Vaughn not long before he was killed in a airplane crash.  We took mini adventures in my Jeep and enjoyed dancing together at the big end of Summer Homer/KBBI Concert on the Lawn.  She is part of my wonderful memories of that special place.  We reconnected on Facebook in 2009, and not long after that I became acquainted with another friend of hers who also holds fond memories of Homer.  His name is Remo Meyer, and he spent time in Homer after I left there.  I don't remember exactly how, but it was through Sabine on Facebook that he and I became acquainted.  He is a joyful, lively person who loves his dog, Kenai, and seems to enjoy experiencing life very fully and deeply.  I like him very well.  My friendship with him has grown over time and now I find myself eager to pay this delightful man a visit in his own country.  He says he is happy to host me, and I cannot wait to see this beautiful country and meet my friend in person!

Remo's home in the canton of St. Gallen

I will write more about my plans as they fully unfold.  I'm so happy to have something like this to look forward to in the coming months.  Life is so good! get a passport!