Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10:49 pm on Wednesday

I should be sleeping.
Instead of worrying.
Instead of longing.
Instead of wishing to simply slip over into  greener pastures
and bluer skies.

I should be resting.
Making ready for that moment things change for the better.

I should be here, now.
In this moment, I should plant myself. 
And with conviction.

Moments are passing,
which won't return.

I should be present and mindful.
Not weakened by distraction.

But I keep racing into the future.
To manicured hillsides
and unruly curls.

How will I ever get there if I'm not here first?

I should be sleeping.
I will go now, deeply.
And leave the future to my dreams.

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gailmarie said...

This is a lovely poem Andrea! Wow! Just another talent from my very talented daughter! I know you never want to hear this kind of thing, but again, may I say, Cast your cares on Jesus and He will carry you through. Things get rough and worrying will not change a thing and things may stay rough, but Jesus wants to carry you through it and give you strength, if only you will ask Him. Remember the poem Footprints and envision yourself in his arms being carried through the rough spots. He wants you to give it all to Him, Andrea. I love you and He loves you and my heart aches to know that you are trying to carry this very heavy burden alone or with the help of friends. Friends are wonderful in times of trouble, but only Jesus can give you strenght to get through it. He is the only reason I get through each day and all that it brings, good and not so good. Again, I love you so much. Mom

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