Sunday, March 24, 2013

Something to Anticipate!

Just when I needed a pick-me-up, it has come in a big way.  Shellie was invited on a week-long group ride with some fun, upbeat friends of hers and she, with her awesome, bad-ass self, asked if I could go too. They gave her an enthusiastic "Bring her!" for an answer! 

Yesterday around mid-day, she and I took off in her jeep and headed to Redmond where a couple, who go on this yearly ride, hosted the "Night of the Ride Party."  This is when all the friends who ride and their spouses and significant others come together and decide when and where they are going.  Then when the planning is over, they break out videos of past rides, enjoy food and drinks and have a great time. So, I got to drive out over the mountain and into Central Oregon's high desert beauty with my girlfriend, chatting all the while and catching up, and then I got to be a part of planning a fantastic trip.  I could not be more excited about the upcoming ride we're all going on in August!  Up the coast and then over into the Canadian Rockies!  Are you kidding me!?  I can't wait!! And perhaps the best part is the people.  They are all so warm and fun and completely inviting and inclusive.  Just a great bunch of people.  The videos have me pumped up. Shellie and I can look forward to sharing another spectacular memory for sure. She's right - this will be the ride of our lives so far. I'm so lucky to have my adventurous girlfiend!

Here are some scenery pics from the Redmond trip this weekend.  After the picture of Mt. Hood, which I took on the way there, the first several pics were taken on Michael and Stacy's property in Redmond.  Then we stopped at Smith Rock and I took a few other shots on the way home!  (Remember, to see a larger version of a picture, just double-click on it!)




S | Z said...

Great pics!Fantastic write and thanks for the bad ass kudos! So excited!

Seraffyn said...

You're awesome, woman! Live life, never bored!

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